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Candle Wax Removal

The ambiance and comfort candles can offer to your home or gathering can quickly turn sour when candle wax is spilled onto your upholstery, wood furniture or carpet. Don't panic if you find candle wax on your favorite couch, table or rug. Here are several cleaning tips and tricks to properly remove candle wax from just about anything.

How to Remove Candle Wax

Household items needed for wax removal from upholstery, wood or carpet:

• Dull butter knife or credit card
• Iron or hairdryer
• Paper towels, clean white cloth or brown paper grocery bags
• Ice pack
• Stain remover
• Wood surface cleaner or oil soap

Candle wax removal from upholstery and carpets can be done by first letting the candle wax dry completely and become brittle. We advise not trying to wipe the wax while it is still soft and warm as you will smear the wax and spread your problem to a larger area. You can apply an ice pack to the wax to speed up the drying process, just make sure it is sealed and does not condensate onto the wax.

Removing Candle Wax

Once the wax is dry, scrape or chip away at the wax using a dull knife, credit card or spatula to remove excess wax. It's a good idea to vacuum up all wax fragments to remove as much wax as possible.

Next place a clean white cloth, paper towel or brown bag over the wax stain. Once the wax is covered take a medium warm iron (make sure it is not on steam setting), and run it over the stain, moving slowly and applying constant heat. The wax will transfer from your upholstery or carpet to the towels or paper bag. It is important to use new towels or bags each time. Waxy residue can transfer easily back onto the surface you are trying to clean if you simply move the cleaning towel to a clean portion of the towel. Repeat until all wax is removed.

For cleaning wood surfaces, the above mentioned "cold" approach works well. If waxy residue is left behind, you can follow up by using a wood surface cleaner or oil soap, a solution of equal parts water and vinegar works well also. If the cold method didn't do the trick, use a hot hair dryer to re soften the wax. Wipe clean and follow with water and vinegar mixture to remove waxy remains.

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