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Tile Floor Cleaning Service

When it comes to floor cleaning, your ceramic tile floors are one of the easiest surfaces to clean. Known as an attractive, durable and impervious flooring option, this popular and reliable floor choice is also easy to care for. Proper care of your ceramic tile floor will keep it looking like new for a very long time.

Dust and dirt is the number one culprit to ceramic tile issues. Ceramic tile is often textured and texture on your flooring can be a dirt trap. Dust mopping or vacuuming are important steps to keeping your ceramic tile floor clean. For everyday general cleaning of your ceramic tile or marble floors, sweep first to remove dirt and dust and then follow with a damp mop of warm water.

Tile and Ceramic Floor Cleaning Methods

A micro fiber mop or rag is highly recommended for your ceramic tile because of its ability to not only clean but "grab or pick up" dirt particles. A sponge mop will push dirt around on your ceramic tile and dirt will settle into your grout line cracks.

Is your ceramic floor particularly dirty or in need of a deep clean? It is just fine to gently scrub your ceramic tile with a soft cleaning brush or more durable mop. It is also okay to use a polishing machine on your ceramic tile. Start with a mild detergent that is safe for tile and gently clean the whole floor. Follow up by moping with clean warm water to remove residue which will cause dulling. Ceramic tile can air dry, but if you want to avoid water spots, you can run a microfiber towel over the area.

Always clean up spills on your ceramic tile floor as soon as possible. Our cleaning tips & tricks recommended to never use steel wool on tile or abrasive cleaners as both will scratch your tile.

The key to clean ceramic tile floors that will last and last is to keep your floors dust and dirt free as warm water mopping!

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Tile Floor Cleaning Service | Tile and Ceramic Floor Cleaning Methods