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Wood Furniture Cleaning

Caring for your wood furniture is a lifelong project, as well built wooden pieces that are cared for properly can last a life time. A common misconception is that you are treating the wood when you clean your wood furniture, when in actuality you are treating the finish on your wood furniture. It is important to understand what your wood furniture has been treated with and what type of finish has been applied to your piece.

There are general cleaning tips & tricks that apply to most all wood furniture pieces. For specifics on different types of finishes, please refer to the manufacturers cleaning recommendations and follow accordingly.

Dust and humidity is wooden furniture's worst enemy. Changes in humidity can age your furniture and drastic changes will even cause your furniture to crack over time. Dust is inevitable on your wood furniture, but cleaning wood furniture includes periodic to routine dusting.

Have Wood Furniture Cleaned

To properly clean wooden furniture it is not recommended to use feather dusters. Feather dusters will simply push the dust around and back into the air and the quills may scratch the furniture surface. Dry dusting is also not the best option for cleaning wood furniture.

It is best to use a clean, soft, lint free cotton cloth like an old t-shirt, cloth diaper or piece of flannel. Barley dampen the cloth with a few drops of distilled water. You never want any water droplets or streaks to remain on your furniture, only enough water to attract the dust to your cloth.

Always dust following the grain of the wood and gently wipe off the dust in a consistent oval motion. Be sure to regularly flip or fold your dusting cloth at the first sign of dirt buildup. Regular damp cloth dusting will keep your wood furniture clean and dust free.

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