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Fireplace Cleaning Companies

Talk about a dirty job! Cleaning your fireplace may seem daunting, but with the proper time, supplies and patience, it is a job that anyone can do. It is important to take the necessary cleaning tips & tricks to prepare for cleaning your fireplace.

A list of fireplace cleaning supplies includes protective eye goggles, rubber gloves, old clothes, dust mask, old newspaper, lined trash can, stiff wire brush or chimney brush, an inexpensive drop cloth or tarp, fire place shovel, cresotate cleaner and or TriSodium Phoslphate (TSP or TSP substitute).

Fireplace Cleaning Methods

It's best to clean your fireplace when it has not been used for a few days. Begin by dressing in old clothes, securing protective eye goggles and fastening your dust mask. Position the tarp around the floor of your fireplace and on your hearth. First remove the andiron and grate and take immediately outside. The andiron and grate can be scraped with the stiff wire brush.

Next, using the fire place shovel, remove any loose ash, debris or dust directly into lined trash can. The interior walls of your fireplace may contain a lot of soot and cresotate. It is important to have the built up debris removed from time to time to avoid chimney fires.

Line the bottom of your fireplace with several layers of newspaper. Using the sharp flat edge of your stiff wire brush thoroughly scrape the interior walls letting the soot fall onto newspaper. Next, scrub the fireplace walls with a wire brush for a more comprehensive cleaning. Each time the soot builds up on the newspaper, you can carefully fold the newspaper and place it in the trash, leaving a clean layer of newspaper for additional cleaning.

If soot or cresotate remains on your fireplace walls, you may need to use a cresotate cleaning solution or TSP wash to get your fireplace thoroughly clean. Please follow the instructions on the cresotate or TSP cleaners carefully as both products can be dangerous.

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