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Granite Counter Top Cleaning

Granite countertops are a unique work of art, as no two pieces are exactly the same. As one of the most durable countertop surfaces, granite countertops are relatively easy to maintain, clean and keep looking like new! Granite is actually volcanic liquid magma that gets its unique color and pattern over millions of years of natural formation.

As an excellent and highly coveted countertop surface, granite works remarkably well in outdoor and indoor kitchens, bathrooms, showers and even as a beautiful flooring option. Cleaning your granite countertop should be done daily and with a just a few simple cleaning tips & tricks, granite countertop cleaning is an easy procedure.

Granite Counter Service Cleaning Methods

Dusting the surface of your granite countertops with a microfiber cloth is a great way to remove crumbs, debris and dust particles. Simply wetting the microfiber cloth with warm water and wiping down the surface is an excellent cleaning method. This simple cleaning method for your granite countertops should be done daily.

For a deeper cleaning of your granite countertops, you can mix a few drops of liquid dish soap, ¼ cup rubbing alcohol and warm water together in a plastic container. Dip a clean cotton cloth, sponge or for best results a microfiber rag, into solution and wipe down counters.

It is important to find a pH neutral granite cleaner if you want to use a specialty cleaning product for periodic cleaning. Never use harsh chemicals, acid based cleaners or abrasives on your granite. Your surface can get deep etches, pits or scratches.

To remove grease from your granite countertops simply mix dish washing liquid with water and wipe clean. To avoid staining your granite countertop it is a good idea to use coasters. Fruit and vegetable stains can be removed by applying a small amount of an ammonia and hydrogen peroxide mixture directly to the stain. Blot dry with a clean paper towel. Repeat until stain has lifted.

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Granite Counter Top Cleaning | Granite Counter Service Cleaning Methods