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Grout Cleaning Services

Keeping your tile grout clean is a very important process and can be relatively simple when done regularly. When grout is dirty or begins to break and decay; water damage, tile cracking and other devastating issues can occur. Due to the moist conditions that surround most grout, mold and mildew growth is quite common. Here are a few simple cleaning tips & tricks to keep your grout clean and in excellent condition.

To properly clean your grout, it is important to have grout cleaning tools, most importantly a grout brush. Grout pen or grout paint may be needed if results from your cleaning attempts are not satisfactory. Cleaning your floor tile grout may require knee pads or a soft kneeling surface.

When cleaning grout, it is a good idea to start with milder product first. Start your grout cleaning in a small area to make sure the product you choose won't cause discoloration or damage. You can also find out if the solution or product you have chosen will effectively do the job.

Best Grout Cleaning Techniques

Equal parts water and white vinegar is an excellent solution for grout cleaning. Put mixture into a spray bottle and spray on grout or ceramic tile floors. Let the vinegar and water solution sit on grout for 10 min, then scrub in circular motions with a grout brush. Rise with a wet sponge and towel dry. You can repeat the process with straight vinegar if not completely satisfied.

For another excellent and inexpensive home cleaning remedy, mix baking soda in to a paste with vinegar or water. Apply the paste onto the grout and leave for 10 minutes. Scrub the paste in circular motions over the grout and rinse with warm water and towel dry.

Lemon juice is excellent for removing stains from grout. Apply lemon juice to stained grout area. Let lemon juice sit on grout for 10-15 min. Clean the lemon juice off with a damp sponge of warm water and repeat if necessary.

There are many commercial grout cleaners, grout steamers, grout sealers and other products available to help keep your grout clean. If you are using harsh chemical cleaners, be sure to carefully read the instructions and always rinse your grout with clean warm water to remove any chemicals left behind.

If you need to hire professional cleaners for your floors, contact House Cleaning Force for help in find the best cleaning service for you.

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