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Marble Floor Cleaning Services

Cleaning your marble floors can be tricky.  Marble is a relatively soft stone that is made up of a combination of naturally occurring minerals.  Being a softer stone and very porous, marble is not the easiest flooring to maintain and clean.  It is a beautiful flooring option with a variety of colors and finishes, however it is one of the most difficult to maintain.

The very best way to keep marble floors clean is to dry mop or sweep daily to keep dirt, dust and pollen from settling and scratching the surface.  A warm water wet mop is good and safe to do daily or as often as possible.  It is important to dry your marble floors after mopping to help remove water that can be absorbed by the porous stone.

Marble Floors Cleaned

If warm water mopping isn’t getting your marble floors clean enough than a very small amount of ammonia can be added to your water for a deeper clean. Just as with cleaning ceramic tile floors, avoid any cleaners with acid or harsh chemicals.  Although vinegar is a common household cleaning agent, vinegar should never be used on your marble floors.

Marble floors are easily cracked, chipped and stained if not properly maintained.  Spills on marble floors should be mopped up immediately or you run the risk of the stain being permanent.  Most consumer cleaning products are too strong to use on your marble floors and you will compromise the marble if you use any type of commercial cleaning product.

Due to the porous nature of marble, a microfiber mop helps lift the dirt and debris off of your marble floors rather than pushing the dirt into fine lines and cracks.  So remember, when it comes to your marble floors, daily maintenance of dust moping and warm water wet moping is best!

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Marble Floor Cleaning Services | Marble Floors Cleaned