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Cleaning Mini-Blinds

Mini-blinds are a great way to inexpensively cover your windows and work well in most home settings for privacy and sun protection. Cleaning your mini blinds is probably one of the least favorite cleaning jobs for most people. Here are a few cleaning tips & tricks to effectively and efficiently clean your mini-blinds.

Mini-blinds are dust magnets and also attract pollen, dirt, pet hair and grease. Cleaning your mini-blinds can be done by removing them from the window, or while hanging. Items you will need to clean your mini-blinds include a vacuum with brush attachment, clean dust cloths, chemically treated dust cloths, microfiber cloths, socks, fabric softener sheets and your bath tub.

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For a thorough and comprehensive cleaning treatment for your mini-blinds, bathtub cleaning is a good option. Fill your clean bathtub 1/3 full with warm water. Add 1 cup of laundry detergent and 1 cup of ammonia and stir well. Remove mini-blinds from your window and place entire blind into the bathtub. Gently swish water over mini-blinds and wash with clean wash cloth. Once clean, lay the mini-blind in a well ventilated area to dry completely before hanging.

If removing your mini-blinds isn't a good option for you, there are several effective ways to clean your mini-blinds while still hanging. Vacuuming the mini-blinds with a brush attachment is an easy and effective way to remove dust. Regular vacuuming and dusting helps cut down dramatically on dust build up.

When cleaning mini-blinds always start at the top and move down to the bottom. Do both sides of the mini-blinds when cleaning and always start with the slats facing up. A quick and reliable way to clean both sides of your blinds includes putting clean socks on your hands and running the socks over the length of each slat to remove dust particles. You can use warm water to slightly dampen the socks; just be sure to dry completely with a micro fiber cloth. Fabric softener sheets to clean your mini blinds also work well to attract and trap dust. Place the sheets between your thumb and forefinger to clean both sides of the mini-blinds at the same time.

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