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Painted Wall Cleaning Service

Although cleaning your painted walls is not something you do often, it is something that probably needs to be done if you have lived in your home for any length of time. Even though they are vertical, walls can take a beating and get the brunt of dirty hands and residue remains.

It really depends on the type of wall paint that you have in your home as how you can effectively clean your walls, but there are a few cleaning tips & tricks you can use. Some paint is more durable and washable while most builder grade flat paint is difficult to clean.

Cleaning Painted Wall Techniques

It is important to clean the entire wall, not just the dirty area, as any application of water, cleaner, detergent and such can affect your paint job. Start by wiping down the entire wall with a microfiber dust cloth to remove dust and cobwebs. Then take a drysponge and wipe over soiled area to remove any excess dirt.

Once your wall is prepped and ready for painted wall cleaning, assemble two buckets. Fill one bucket half way full with warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Mix well. The other bucket is to wring out the cleaning sponge and dirty water. Start at the top corner of the wall, a ladder may be needed to reach the high areas. Wipe across and down the entire wall. Squeeze excess water from sponge and repeat until the entire wall has been wiped clean. Blot areas that need extra attention.

It is important to dry the wall with a clean soft terry cloth or microfiber towel after the water wipe down. Slow and steady wins this race. Your wall will look like new if you take the time to do this right!

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Painted Wall Cleaning Service | Cleaning Painted Wall Techniques