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Window Cleaning Service

For some people, cleaning windows is a daunting task, for others a therapeutic rite of passage. The immediate gratification from the sparkling results of a clean window is a great feeling. On the other hand, cleaning a window only to discover streaks or a cloudy film in the sunlight can break anyone's spirit.

Cleaning your homes windows can be done, and if done properly, cleaning your window yourself will save time and money. Cleaning your windows right the first time is the key to effective window cleaning. 99% of cleaning your windows is labor, only 1% is the proper tools, so be sure to use the right tool and cleaning solution.

House Window Cleaning

Commercial/business cleaning services window solutions are a dime a dozen; however there are many home mixtures that can be made from what you have in your cabinets. The common household ingredients in many home remedies include white vinegar, small amounts of liquid dish soap or detergent, ammonia and water. A standard home solution is: 2 cups water, ¼ cup white vinegar and ½ teaspoon of liquid dish soap.

The very best cleaning tip for your windows, inside or out is to use a window squeegee. A window squeegee will properly remove the water or solution without streaking or leaving a lint trail. Note that keeping your squeegee moist and wiping it with a damp line free cloth after each pass is vital.

Residential Window Cleaning

Cleaning solution can be applied through a spray bottle or wet window washer/window sponge. Start at the top of your window and work your way down. On inside windows go from side to side. For exterior windows, squeegee up and down. If any streaking results from your window washing, you will know where to find the problem by the direction of the streak. Be sure to wipe the squeegee clean after each pass.

If using cloths, be sure to use clean, lint free cloths, micro-fiber rags or hard paper towels. Thorough drying is important with cloth cleaning due to the porous nature of glass windows.

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