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Wood Floor Cleaning

One of the best ways to clean your hard wood floors is to use door mats at each entrance of your home. Door mats will trap and remove dirt and debris stuck to your shoes and prevents it from entering your home and scratching or dulling your hard wood floors.

It's important to regularly sweep, dry mop or vacuum your hard wood floors. Purchasing a good broom or microfiber dust mop and sweeping often is recommended to maintain the finish on your floors. Owning a vacuum cleaner that does not have a beater bar is also an important investment in the longevity of your hardwood floors. Create a weekly routine to sweep, dust or vacuum your hardwood floors.

Cleaning Wood Flooring

Each hardwood floor manufacturer will recommend different hard wood floor cleaning methods. It is important to know what type of floors you have a how they are finished before attempting any cleaning tips & tricks. Most all hard wood floor finishes can be damp moped with a white vinegar and water solution. Use ½ cup of white vinegar to one gallon of warm water. Prior to damp mopping be sure to sweet, dust or vacuum to remove all loose dirt, debris, hair and dust. Using a soft cloth mop or micro fiber mop, gently mop the hardwood floors following the grain and board lengths.

Wood Floor Cleaning Companies

It is important to use slightly damp mops, not wet or saturated mops as water is not good for your hardwoods and can permanently damage your floors.

Follow up damp mopping by drying your hardwood floors with a soft terry towel or microfiber towel to remove any water left behind and to eliminate streaking. For tough or sticky spills, use a clean sponge soaked in water with a small amount of dish soap. Wipe clean and dry floor completely.

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